Drawing on the experience of highly experience B2B storyteller, concept-maker and English-language copywriter Jonathan Winch – along with some thought-provoking exercises – you’ll engage in stimulating discussions around where you might be able to take your brand in the future.

What if you could produce creative concepts in your marketing department?

A powerful creative concept is a “Big Idea” that captures target audience interest, influences their emotional response and inspires them to take action.

A three-hour workshop with experienced international storyteller, concept developer and copywriter Jonathan Winch will enable you to:

  • Develop your marketing staff’s creative skills
  • Learn advertising agency secrets
  • Inspire your brands and campaigns
  • Get the tools of the trade
  • Build your team while they learn

Develop staff creative skills

Do you always have to turn to your ad agency or external content provider to come up with creative concepts? Or could your marketing staff handle at least some of the work in-house instead?

Top B2B storyteller Jonathan Winch will take up to 10 of your Sales & Marketing staff through what it takes to build great creative concepts – step by step. In an interactive, dialogue-based, three-hour session at a location of your choice, your staff will gain new understanding and develop their skills in concept development and copywriting.

Learn advertising agency secrets

Top B2B and B2C storyteller and concept-maker Jonathan Winch promises to reveal creative secrets that agencies seldom share with their clients:

  • How agency creatives think – and work
  • Tricks of the trade for hitting that Big Idea
  • When is it a strong creative concept – and when isn’t it?
  • The importance of the Creative Brief
  • What storytelling actually means in a B2B world
  • How best to create English-language content
  • Making it international

Inspire your brands and campaigns

Use the workshop to think about your own corporate or product brands. Jonathan will use his experience – and some thought-provoking exercises – to stimulate and guide discussions around where you might be able to take things in the future.

Get the tools of the trade

How can you brainstorm to arrive at powerful ideas and stories? What’s important – and what’s not – to arrive at a useful creative concept? Is there a step-by-step process that will deliver the goods? What models and tools are likely to be useful for almost any creative communication project?

Build your team while they learn

Marketing is fun – and this is a great opportunity to turn in-house skills development into an entertaining team-building exercise for all!

We are ready to help you wherever you are in the world. 

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