B2B content marketing gets target customers interested in a company and its products by creating and spreading articles, posts, videos and other types of content.

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The basics

Not just a fad

Content marketing isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, it’s getting bigger and more necessary if brands want to stand out.

What’s the key objective of content marketing?

The first objective is to create and nurture your clients’ current and potential accounts – a ‘captive’ audience, you might say. The more people in your clients’ GDPR-compliant database, the better. These folks are ready and waiting for your clients’ next message – after all, they signed up to hear more!

The second key objective is to make your clients appear as often as possible on the first page of search engine results. Well-executed content marketing can help companies ‘own’ valuable keywords in their respective industries.

The second key objective is to appear as often as possible on the first page of search engine results. Well-executed content marketing can do a lot to get you there, even helping you ‘own’ valuable key words from your industry. Whenever the words ‘sustainable emulsifiers’ are typed into Google, our client Palsgaard dominates the search results – and it’s thanks to content marketing.

What’s a content marketing strategy?

It’s the plan that guides your clients when it comes to the who, what, where, when and why related to content marketing. A content marketing strategy typically:

  • Identifies and details buying groups and specific personas within that group (like “Procurement Percy”)
  • Builds messaging to match those personas
  • Defines how and where to publish content
  • Develops and monitors measurement criteria and a content calendar

The combination of personas, measurement criteria and a content calendar bring people closer to your clients’ companies, step by step. 

Why do it

Why should you help your clients with content marketing?

If done right, content marketing can keep your clients top-of-mind with their target audiences, spark these audiences’ interest in specific products and help put brands on the short list during purchase time.

Research indicates that over 70% of B2B buyers get their information online. So, it’s crucial that when your clients’ prospective buyers look for information, the competition doesn’t own all the information out there – and run away with the deal.

Content marketing helps your clients:

  • Get the attention of people who they’re not currently connected to
  • Stay top-of-mind with potential purchasers
  • Communicate new products or offers
  • Show off their knowhow
  • Inspire and motivate customers to try new things
What’s the ROI on content marketing?

Content marketing ROI is the percentage of how much revenue your clients gained from content marketing in comparisn to what they spent. As research shows, content marketing is typically more cost-effective than other forms of advertising or marketing, can drive hier conversion rates and increases audience engagement.

How do you convince your clients' management about content marketing?

First, think about what top management needs and what they’re measured on. Then, consider how content marketing supports those aims. If growth is on the agenda, you may choose to focus on lead generation. If increasing customer satisfaction is a top priority, then show how content marketing can inform customers about how their business helps make their customers’ lives easier.

Get started

New to content marketing? Where to start?

The simplest and most effective way to get things going? A blog!

Most B2B companies benefit from having a blog at the center of their content marketing strategy to have more control over their brand and messaging. Posts or articles are created for the blog, then promoted via social media and email marketing campaigns. First, however, your clients will need a customized content marketing strategy to coordinate, execute, and promote their posts effectively.

But our people aren’t comfortable blogging!

We work with engineers, scientists and management from many different industries, so we meet all kinds of attitudes toward blogging. In every case, our writers manage to satisfy – and even delight – such people. In fact, we often write technically complex blog posts with very little input or corrections from subject matter experts before their ready to publish!

Does content marketing take a lot of resources?

You’d be surprised how little effort it takes to create a blog post if you’re an experienced B2B writer. Our writers really get to know your clients’ brand and the industry at large, so we can quickly turn around a piece fit for their needs.

What size of investment is needed for quality content marketing?

To get going with some articles and social media posts, it’s a small investment. The first step, however, is getting a content marketing strategy together to save money in the long run and ensure better results.

Take it to the next level

What is marketing automation and how does it fit with content marketing?

These days, there are some pretty slick tools that can increase content engagement, teach your clients more about their users, automate repetitive tasks, schedule content publications and better target personas. Although robots aren’t good at creating compelling content just yet, the latest technology can simplify your content marketing – and we can take care of the writing!

How do you measure the effectiveness of content marketing?

Start by determining what success means for your clients. Then figure out which key performance indicators (KPIs) are useful to ensuring you deliver them. cylindr’s content marketing experts can help you find out what KPIs are best for your clients’ brand.

What kind of content delivers maximum effect?

Anything that communicates your company’s expertise and/or passionate engagement in bringing value to the world. Make sure your content:

  • Addresses the pains and gains of your defined personas
  • Naturally encourages people to share the information with others

“I just wanted to thank you for convincing us to start up the blog and for all the great posts!!” 

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