With the right PR, the best products and services can take the world by storm. cylindr’s team of international communication experts knows exactly what it takes to get your company, products and services noticed by the international media.

Our international B2B PR team work with you to construct a killer PR strategy and concept. 

Give your PR real power

We examine how to make the best use of your resources and budget and the best strategy for your company or product. Whether you have seasoned PR pros or relative novices, we help you create PR that packs a serious international punch.

We provide the following services:

  • Writing in English – create the perfect texts for different media that grab, persuade and motivate your reader 
  • Finding your audience – identify the right people and companies to target, from journalists and press agencies to bloggers and local decision makers
  • Handling the press – explore the pros and cons of media relations and make an informed choice on how to deal with the press
  • Choosing your media – look at the opportunities that you can tap into in different media, from social media to trade magazines 


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