Since 2003, we have offered a range of communications and consulting services – from branding, positioning and campaigns to copywriting of localized content – for industrial and technology companies targeting local markets around the world. In addition to agency services, we offer workshops and consulting programs to help you get the best out of your marketing and communications resources.


10x/ABM Sales & Marketing workshops

Spend one day with an expert in 10X B2B and get up-to-date with the world’s best sales and marketing practices. Whether you’re looking to compete against the world’s best or just looking to lift your team’s own performance, this is need-to-know stuff that will prepare you for the battles ahead.


“Always top service, top professional, creative and well written texts for articles, press releases, and more. I am very happy about the co-operation, which I’ve had for several years now. You can only give 5 stars…. but I would give 10 if I could :-)”

Karina Poulsen
Marketing Manager


B2B content marketing workshops

Experienced content marketer and B2B marketing strategist David Hoskin takes you through the latest content marketing best practices. You’ll discover how to optimize your web presence and make social media and content marketing an integrated part of your brand strategy.

Storytelling workshops

Drawing on the experience of B2B storyteller, concept-maker and English-language copywriter Jonathan Winch – along with some thought-provoking exercises – you’ll engage in stimulating discussions about where you might be able to take your brand in the future.


Other Services

Go global with your B2B PR 

With the right PR, the best products and services can take the world by storm. Our team of international communication experts knows exactly what it takes to get your company, products and services noticed by the international media.

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