Create a written content style guide that helps staff and content suppliers to apply the conventions and standards that are essential to your brand – ensuring consistent communication across your business.

Good marketers know that consistent, effective communication is a pillar of any great brand. Millions may be spent on the visual identity of a brand, but the quality of text all too often detracts from the final result. 

A style guide will help staff to apply the conventions and standards that are essential to your brand. It’s also an excellent tool for working with communication partners (PR, ad agency, web bureau, recruitment, etc.).

The style guide service

Working with your brand team, we take you through all the processes to determine the right style conventions for your business. Documenting all the necessary decisions, we ask the questions to ensure good choices are made about terminology and language conventions.

We take you through the process, from deciding what your style is to the specifics of writing the actual guide. 

The benefits of a style guide

  • Helps to bring consistency to a company’s tone of voice. In all written communications, from email to presentations, companies should seek to apply a consistent tone of voice. This tone of voice begins to build a personality for the company, helping create an image of it in people’s minds
  • Helps build confidence within the organization. Many people don’t enjoy writing. A good style guide acts as a crutch, giving support to anyone who needs to write high-quality text
  • Helps adhere to conventions. Certain products have certain written rules – is the S capitalized in TachoSil? Should all products have a ®, © or ™ symbol? This builds up consistency and branding within the organization
  • Helps limit damage. International audiences are more likely to detect errors and inconsistency. Style guides help eliminate that risk