We offer a range of courses and seminars in English business writing and journalism – all tailored specifically to your company’s needs. Our objective is to provide your marketing staff with a firm understanding of what good writing is and the techniques that are required to achieve it.

Our courses are intended for anyone who needs to write, coordinate or evaluate text for any business media, including social media, intranet, newsletters, corporate magazines, white papers, reports and similar.

What type of writing courses do we offer?

  • 1-2 hour seminars
  • Half-day courses
  • Full-day courses and two-day courses, including hands-on exercises and real-life examples.

Typical course content 

  • What is good business writing and why is it important?
  • The basic rules and essential skills
  • Finding the right tone and style
  • Strategic business writing
  • Writing to a global audience
  • Common mistakes made by non-English speakers
  • Writing for the web

Participants will learn how to:

For hands-on writing courses, the ideal number of participants is anything up to approximately 12 people. We are happy to hold seminars for any number of people.

  • Write powerful, focused and concise texts
  • Keep the writing focused on your specific audiences
  • Grab and hold the reader’s attention
  • Write English for audiences in different parts of the world
  • Adopt an appropriate tone of voice for a given situation
  • Adapt writing to the priorities of the audience
  • Avoid typical stylistic mistakes (sentences too long, weak headlines, etc.)

Why choose a cylindr course?

If you are planning a course, you should consider the benefits to your organization and colleagues. When planning our courses, we have the following benefits in mind:

  • More effective communications between you and your audience
  • Faster lead times in producing communications
  • More cohesion in the content required for your various marketing materials
  • Staff gain more confidence in writing clearly, correctly and concisely
  • You will be better able to evaluate texts from suppliers and colleagues

Course structure

Our writing courses contain a good balance of theoretical and practical activities. Course materials and references will be made available in electronic and hard copy.


Courses can be held onsite at your company or at an external location of your choice. Please ask for more information.