Create a corporate social responsibility report that makes the most of all the good things you’re doing for the world – backed up by solid evidence and wrapped in engaging stories.

Tell your CSR story

Sustainability: It’s on everyone’s lips these days. Actually, for more and more of our clients, what they’re doing to help save the planet and its inhabitants have become central elements in their business strategies and communications. And with every company shouting “sustainabiity” as loudly as it can, it’s going to get a lot harder to excite your customers and employees about all the good things you’re doing.

So how do you stand out from the crowd? With great CSR storytelling, of course!  

A must for B2B brands 

Developing a CSR report to measure, manage and express your environmental and social impacts is a must for all B2B brands today. Brand leaders know that to communicate their sustainability strategy, programs and approach, they can only do it successfully through a compelling, unique story. It’s a unique chance for companies to be creative, show their personality, reflect the company’s vision and values, and build trust.

We can help you get started telling your entire CSR story or we can improve and copywrite wherever you are in the process. We can guide you in using the best language and terminology to use, and we know just how to connect your CSR efforts to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and other relevant standards! In fact, cylindr is an official storytelling advisor to the UN’s SDG Accelerator Programme – helping over 30 companies to date!

What makes for a great CSR report?

  • Enables external stakeholders to understand the organization’s values
  • Improves brand reputation, trust and loyalty
  • Demonstrates how the organization influences, and is influenced by, expectations about sustainable development
  • Attracts, motivates and inspires employees
  • Influences long-term management strategies and policies
  • Benchmarks and assesses sustainability performance with respect to laws, norms, performance standards, and voluntary initiatives
  • Emphasizes the link between financial and non-financial performance
  • Increases understanding of risks and opportunities

Palsgaard case

Winning with CSR 

Palsgaard has a lot to be proud of—it’s not only the world’s only full-service emulsifier and stabiliser company, it’s also the first company in its industry to achieve CO2-neutral production.  

In 2017, for the third time in just five years and helped once more by cylindr, Palsgaard’s CSR report took first place in Denmark’s most prestigious sustainability prize-giving ceremony: the FSR Danish Auditors CSR Award.   

The prize is awarded for reports that stand out through “highly credible, high-quality reporting…”. This is a major reward for the Palsgaard and cylindr BBN teams who worked together to develop the winning entry.   

The latest report, for 2018, doesn’t stand a chance of winning again, despite being extensively revised – but that’s just because mid-sized companies no longer qualify for the competition! 

For the 2018 report, cylindr helped Palsgaard apply its values in producing its next report. After brainstorming, workshops, extensive editing and formatting, cylindr reduced the extensive report to less than half its original length to decrease paper consumption while maintaining Global Reporting Initiative standards. 

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