MarTech or marketing technology is the technology that a business uses to execute, analyze and measure its marketing campaigns. Not only does MarTech improve precision, but it also enhances the collaboration between your marketing department and the rest of your teams.

Why MarTech?

To put it simply, MarTech makes everything run smoother. This is because marketing technology not only improves precision, but it also increases efficiency and collaboration between your teams. The combination of all of these positive effects, plus the tools that are necessary to analyze data and increase automation, will help your business to streamline by scaling marketing efforts, finding potential weak links and measuring and optimizing performance.

The MarTech stack

According to marketing expert, Scott Brinker, there are 6 key categories that make up your MarTech stack: advertising & promotion, content & experience, social, sales, data and management. Or, to make things simpler, attraction, engagement and analysis & optimization.


Regardless of your business, demand generation is likely a major part of your marketing strategy. You need systems in place to optimize this critical, yet challenging process. A few examples of attraction tools include SEO, SEM and webinar platforms. 


This is where you begin to improve and deepen interaction with prospects and accounts. Selecting MarTech to accelerate and automate engagement can be one of the most difficult decisions, because you need to find what works best within your stack and for your business. Some tools in this category include marketing automation platforms, CRM, and other contact tracking engines.


Behind every successful marketing strategy is consistent adjustment and monitoring. You won’t always get it right on the first try and, even if you do, your external environment is constantly changing! Therefore, you must work to analyze the data and optimize performance. The good news is, there are plenty of tools within web analytics, optimization, lead management, and similar, that can help.

How can we help you?

  • Digital tools audit
  • Digital maturity analysis
  • MarTech strategy
  • Stack recommendations
  • Implementation
  • Outsourcing

Our processes

As an experienced B2B agency, we at cylindr have the knowledge to help implement the best MarTech strategy for your business. How? The exact process will vary depending on your company and market, but through our process, we help you to ensure the best possible implementation.

Analysis & discovery

As with most new projects, you are likely to need an audit of your company’s current platforms. What are you using already? How is this working for you? Is it the best option? Next, we further assess your company by analyzing its digital maturity and tech competency levels. We usually interview key stakeholders in order to determine current resources and needs.

Planning & development

Following this pragmatic analysis, we determine key marketing goals, performance criteria (KPIs) and the available stack budget. We start to lay the plans for the overall MarTech strategy that will best support these marketing goals

The strategy

As key parts of the overall strategy, we will select the most appropriate tools and platforms for your martech plan. Based on our analysis, we will determine integration and adoption processes for the smoothest possible transition. We then help you implement and commission your tools, so that you can make a smooth, efficient start!


What’s just as important as making a marketing plan? Measuring its success. We work with you to measure usability and performance according to the set criteria.

Are you ready to get started on your MarTech journey? Reach out to see how we can help!