Offshore wind installer A2SEA (now part of the DEME Group) presented us with the challenge of how to influence large, tender-only offshore wind farm contracts at an early stage, given that no direct dialogue is allowed in such deals.

Before being acquired by DEME Group, A2Sea had installed around 60 percent of the world’s offshore wind turbines.

How did we solve this challenge?

A rocket-speed journey in a fast-growing industry saw offshore wind farm installer A2SEA quickly outpacing its original brand positioning and identity. It was time to stand out as a knowhow-based partner to wind farm developers that could deliver on the vision of European-wide renewable energy – but first, the company had to ensure it was on every short list that mattered.

We suggested they create and promote a buyer’s guide that could advise potential customers on the most important parameters to consider – parameters that fitted nicely with what A2SEA could offer! After interviewing the company’s project managers and technical staff, we designed and wrote a multi-section guide that avoided promotional messages, focusing instead on being as useful to the buyer as possible.

The outcome

Three months later, our client reported seeing their buyer’s guide on a tender committee’s negotiating table – an early buying signal in a large, successful sale.

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