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After more than 25 years working with business leaders and ambitious marketing, communication and sustainability teams, we know this is what you expect from us to help you do your job. We bring a multitude of skills and extensive frontline experience to help you achieve your objectives – no matter what each day throws at you!


You’re probably here because you need to execute on the business strategy – or because this day has brought yet another new fire you have to fight! Today more than ever, marketing and communications teams face extraordinary – yes, let’s say unprecedented – challenges.

David Hoskin

Sustainability, employee engagement & strategic communications


+45 2215 5123

David is dedicated to sustainability communications. He leverages his background in marketing and brand communications alongside business strategy insights from his MBA to help organizations with their environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals. His passion for storytelling and a strong focus on sustainable practices have played a big part in his work, which has included developing sustainability reports and creating stakeholder engagement programs for employees, customers and investors. Driven by a personal commitment to biodiversity and nature conservation, he cares about helping businesses integrate sustainability into their core operations.

David helps companies:

Improve strategic ESG execution

Working with leaders and teams to integrate ESG practices into business operations, aligning with sustainability targets and business goals.

Elevate employee engagement

Using engaging storytelling to encourage employees to become advocates for sustainability.

Strengthen customer engagement

Employing transparent, innovative and relatable communication strategies to build customer trust and loyalty.

Achieve regulatory compliance with vision

Guiding businesses to not just meet but integrate ESG compliance into their brand narrative for the greatest impact.

Jonathan Winch

Corporate storyteller and marketing strategist


+45 2623 5123

Jonathan spends his time helping companies who can create positive impact for people and the planet to create powerful narratives to boost their chances of success. With more than 15 years working with sustainability, sales and marketing in many different industries, he welcomes opportunities to work with tasks that involve technology, science and other complex topics.

In an international career spanning more than 25 years, Jonathan has made strategic and creative contributions to businesses such as Dell Technologies, FLSmidth, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Arla Foods Ingredients, Nike, Nokia Siemens Networks, Cisco, LEGO, LEO Pharma, DuPont Nutrition & Health and many other well-known brands. Sustainability is close to his heart – and he has acted as an advisor to the UN for its SDG Accelerator program for a three-year period.

Jonathan is also experienced in M&A integration communications – bringing people and processes together to ensure maximum retained and realised value.

Every challenge brings a new opportunity for success.

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