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In a world of constant change, the unwritten rules of B2B marketing need a makeover, too. Here are a few we’d like to challenge…

What's your big idea?

Too many B2B companies lack a powerful, engaging story. Something that truly dramatizes and emphasizes the value they bring. What's your meaningful purpose? Why should we care?

Where is the love?

“Our customers don’t think in concepts” or “They won’t appreciate humor” or “We have to dumb the language down”. Not true. Because B2B buyers are people and consumers, too. They want to work with suppliers and advisors they actually like or, preferably, love.

Never trust your research

Research is great. B2B companies should do more. But any research should be treated as input rather than the essential truths. Listen for warnings, things you might not have considered. Be alert to creative angles and innovation ideas from the things people say.

Break your own rules

Things don’t get better by chance. They get better through change. Progress demands patterns be broken. Beliefs challenged. Habits destroyed. Start by breaking a few of the smaller rules. When it starts to feel good, you’re on the right track.

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