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Sustainability communication

sustainability strategy

A solid, well-considered sustainability strategy is the bedrock of long-term success. As a communications agency, we specialize in empowering companies to approach sustainability in the right way. We can support your journey right from mapping out the sustainability playing field, to constructing an overarching narrative, assisting with materiality assessments, defining your stakeholder engagement strategy and determining a compliant reporting plan.

Sustainability communication

sustainability reporting

Developing a sustainability report to measure and express a company’s environmental and social impacts is a must for market leaders today. Sustainability reports also offer a unique chance for companies to be creative, show their personality, reflect the company’s vision and values, engage stakeholders and build trust.
FLSmidth Sustainability Report 2023

What makes for a great sustainability report?

  • Compliant with applicable legislation
  • Enables external stakeholders to understand the organization’s values
  • Improves brand reputation, trust and loyalty
  • Demonstrates how the organization influences, and is influenced by, expectations about sustainable development
  • Attracts, motivates and inspires employees
  • Benchmarks and assesses sustainability performance with respect to laws, norms, performance standards, and voluntary initiatives
  • Emphasizes the link between financial and non-financial performance
  • Increases understanding of risks and opportunities

stakeholder engagement

Engaging key stakeholders – both internal and external – is crucial. In fact, without sufficient engagement, even the best of sustainability initiatives won’t make much of a difference. We facilitate dialogue, gather insights, and ensure that your sustainability initiatives resonate with employees, investors, and partners.
Stakeholder engagement
Espersen Sustainability Report 2023

fishing for compliments

Integrated seafood producer, Espersen A/S, is one of Denmark’s best-kept secrets. With modern production plants in Denmark, Lithuania, Poland, Vietnam and the United Kingdom, with representation offices in UK, France, Germany, Sweden and Denmark.

Truly a game-changer in its industry, sustainability is core to the company’s strategy – and Espersen’s actions speak far louder, in fact, than its words.

For its 2023 report, Espersen called upon cylindr to help craft the narrative from start to finish. We assisted the internal team with structural advice, acted as a sounding board for foundational elements in the narrative, and provided copywriting and proofreading services to ensure a highly professional report.


Sustainability storytelling isn’t as easy as it used to be. Today, the practice is dominated by concerns about regulatory compliance, greenwashing, science-based targets and more. And the role of corporate finance is steadily increasing – which can easily result in your company’s most worthwhile stories simply disappearing under an avalanche of data.

We can help you to maintain or boost the power of your sustainability stories, wherever you are in your sustainability journey. We can provide guidance in using the best language and terminology, and we know just how to connect your sustainability efforts to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and other relevant standards.

Sustainability copywriting
UN SDG Accelerator Program


cylindr began assisting the United Nations in Denmark with its new SDG Accelerator program in 2019.

In collaboration with partners, the SDG Accelerator provides acceleration programs or targeted support via partners to support companies at different growth/maturity stages. This outstanding program enables the acceleration of sustainable innovation and business development delivering on the SDG targets.


cylindr partner, David Hoskin, is always available for a no-obligation chat about how to address opportunities or challenges in sustainability engagement and reporting.

Contact him at (+45) 2221 5123 or send an email to contact@cylindr.com.

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