Arla foods ingredients

Arla foods ingredients

Imagine being asked to replace an incredibly popular brand story (Discovering the Wonders of Whey) with a new, broader storyline that employees, customers and others would love just as much!

“More heart, less brain” was the brief from top management when the cylindr team was asked to once again bring the core of the company to life with a new brand storyline and expression.

How did we solve this challenge?

Over an 18-month period, cylindr worked with a diverse team of marketing leaders, top management, ambassadors, and even Arla Foods Ingredients’ production staff to re-visit the company’s brand storyline, expand it to encompass more business areas, and create everything from a new tagline to visual identity, logo and brand videos.

Arla Foods Ingredients
Powerful nutrition discovered here


Today, Arla Foods Ingredients stands even stronger with its new brand story: “Powering Nutrition Together” – and a portfolio of assets to bring the story to life verbally and visually.

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