When Carlsberg asked us to help expand its employer branding content – without breaking its budget or using too many internal working hours, we created a custom solution that hit the nail on the head!

Carlsberg possesses a truly amazing employer branding asset – its talented and committed people. We captured their enthusiasm on video, encouraging many more like them to join the company.​

How did we solve this challenge?

When recruiting talent, few things are more convincing than authentic, visually strong testimonials from happy employees. Our team proposed a fast, efficient process revolving around beautifully presented video testimonials. Every part of the process was smoothly managed by our team, from creative concept to instructing Carlsberg’s employees to camera and lighting, editing and final presentation. Despite the use of just a single camera and the need to quickly set up in multiple locations, the production quality was kept high, presenting Carlsberg’s talented employees at their best.​

The outcome

A single day of shooting and two days of editing yielded no fewer than 10 high-quality videos to support Carlsberg’s employer branding campaigns.

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