We offer English-language copywriting and business journalism services for agencies and B2B companies. From value propositions to websites, brochures, ads, social content, case stories and much more, we help you get your messages out to the world.

Got something to tell the world?

We write texts for all types of content applications. Typically, we work with exporters or advertising agencies who give us either content to build from or simply a general idea of what they want—then we take care of the rest!

We can help you say what’s needed to clients, partners, investors or employees – with a strong, compelling voice. From annual reports and ads to blogs and brochures, we tell stories in a way that all stakeholders can identify with and respond to.

Copywriting and journalism services

Whether we’re writing internal communication or reaching out to audiences around the world, we’re equipped to handle a wide range of projects.

Want your marketing materials to make a good impression with well-written, quality texts? Or perhaps you need technical texts in correct English to engage and energize customers?

We offer English-language copywriting and business journalism services, from creating web content to producing quality case stories. Our aim is to grab audiences’ attention, make the message clear and uphold the brand image.

Copywriting for any media and format

We work on best-practice communications projects in a variety of industries and media:

    • Thought leadership blogging
    • Corporate brochures
    • Product brochures and fact sheets
    • Press releases and news articles
    • Annual reports
    • Testimonials and case stories
    • Style guides
    • Direct mail
    • Advertisements
    • Newsletters
    • User manuals
    • White papers
    • Monthly reports
    • Sales promotion materials
    • Point-of-purchase materials
    • Conference reports
    • Speeches

You’ll find that you don’t have to give us a lengthy brief or presentation. Simply send us a rough description of what you want and we’ll take it from there. And don’t forget our in-house Danish writers and worldwide network of translators can help too!

What’s a good brief?

Read our blog post: A good brief goes a long way.

Born and bred international

We were raised and educated speaking English – but we live in and appreciate Scandinavian cultures and values. So we’re confident we can help you decide what to say and how best to say it to international audiences. And, we can even help you develop the elements needed to create a powerful, competitive international reputation.


You’ve worked hard to create an effective marketing strategy and devoted valuable resources to carefully crafting your marketing materials. So don’t let yourself down at the last stage of the process with amateur spelling errors and grammatical mistakes! Our editing services are here to help.

We do so much more than purely proofread English texts for grammar and spelling mistakes. We can reword and even completely rewrite texts to enhance their pulling power and ensure they optimally impact target markets.

We edit to ensure a consistent, high quality finish that perfectly fits into brand portfolios. Our rigorous quality control procedures ensure the texts we deliver are second to none.

If there is already a draft prepared, we can quickly help you achieve a quality touch with maximum impact.

  • Editing for flow, consistency and clarity
  • Proofreading for spelling and grammar
  • Pepping up tone and style

Bright ideas

Great writers are full of ideas, too. Thanks to our array of communications experience spanning many industries and media, you’ll probably find we can give you some fresh perspectives in several different ways, including:

    • Concepts
    • Branding
    • Naming
    • Cultural advice

You’ll be surprised at how quickly our ideas make a difference! Read about the full range of our capabilities.

Thought leadership—speaking of bright ideas

Explicitly promoting your business isn’t the only way to market yourself. If you want to demonstrate innovative insights or an interesting new industry perspective, thought leadership is the best way to do it.

By starting an industry-related conversation (and doing it well), you can build credibility and trust, drive sales, and expand your content portfolio.

If you want to add thought leadership to your content plan, we write industry-focused content that can help strengthen, broaden and maximize any content strategy.

Attention Scandinavian exporters!

Not everyone realizes how important it is to communicate in excellent English. In fact, to Americans, the British, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, South Africans and, well, business people throughout the world, the quality of a company’s English writing makes a statement about the likely quality of their products and services!

All companies can benefit from lively, interesting, powerful texts that showcase your abilities. And only perfectly correct, smooth-flowing English delivers the kind of professional first impression that makes the difference between a one-off site visitor and a brand ambassador for life.

So rest assured, if you want to tell the world just how great your company is, you’ve come to the right place.

No matter your needs—from compelling writing to international marketing advice—we can put together a team with the knowledge, talent, skills and experience to meet them. We always strive to make you happy with fast, reliable service.

We’re Danish, too!

While we may have been born abroad and raised speaking English, we have lived and worked in Scandinavia for years, so we’re multicultural and speak the language. Our knowledge of the Danish way of life and business means we understand where you’re “coming from”, and that makes it easier for us to help get any project off the ground.



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