For nearly 50 years, SAP has been supporting its customers as they get acquainted with the company’s solutions, resulting in successful user adoption and realization of the expected business outcomes. An attractive, “gamified” onboarding experience can make all the difference.

When it’s time to get acquainted – and comfortable – as a new customer of SAP, there’s no better way to do it than in the SAP Comfort Zone!

How did we solve this challenge?

For new customers and new contacts within existing customers, SAP needed a people-friendly concept and delivery framework that could ease people through receiving initial credentials and authorizations, to go-live preparation steps. Cylindr worked closely with the SAP team, agency partner Inhouse and graphical designers to propose a compelling, infotaining solution that invited the newbies to create their own, comfortable and stylish “living room” at SAP, complete with furnishings and accessories that could be selected to suit individual tastes as each step was taken through the onboarding process.

The outcome

The result was the SAP Comfort Zone – a user-friendly, visually appealing online platform that seamlessly introduced new customers to SAP and let them connect with the experts and other resources to maximize the benefits every step of the way.

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