B2B social media marketing is all about engaging, adding value, and showcasing expertise. It has the influence to make both your customers and employees itching to become brand ambassadors. Having a well-designed social media (SoMe) plan in place makes all your content marketing efforts a lot easier and way more effective.

Why have a social media (SoMe) strategy?

Studies show that consumers who search for businesses online are more likely to become consumers of brands with an established social media presence.

Think social media (SoMe) is only for millennial audiences? Think again. People aged 55-64 are more than twice as likely to engage with branded social media content than those 28 or younger.

Social media is a powerful tool that can help you share content all over the world in seconds. With that said, an effective social media strategy goes beyond broadcasting your news and views. B2B marketers need to be smart when it comes to how, where, what content, and when to deploy social media.

A strong SoMe strategy can…

  • Boost a brand’s reach, add scale to campaigns and enhance conversion
  • Enhance customer engagement, brand loyalty, customer service and customer insights
  • Increase exposure to generate traffic, leads and sales
  • Elevate employee advocacy and deepen relationships
  • Access a huge market to test, trial and crowdsource new ideas about your products and services
  • Improve your company’s online search engine ranking
  • Reduce marketing costs (cheaper than traditional marketing)

Social media for multi-industry target markets

If your company has a multi-technical industry target market, we can help you too. We work with engineers, scientists, subject matter experts and managers from a variety of industries, so we know what’s important to them and what they want when it comes to social media communications.

We get excited about understanding each industry’s world and getting all the details right. We also know, like your company, what it’s like to speak to multiple industries. Doing this on social media can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be with a good multi-targeted SoMe strategy.

No business is too boring

Do you think your company is too boring for social media? If you are shying away from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

There are more than a billion people on social media around the world. You can bet that at least a small percentage of them are interested in your industry. We specialize in the ‘boring’ and ‘nerdy’ topics because we know that’s what makes the world go ‘round. And for us, that’s interesting!

We channel all our enthusiasm and broad knowledge to ensure your message is delivered with oomph to get the right results.

Too much content to create & manage?

We know there are times when you feel overwhelmed about the amount of content that needs to be created, managed and measured. There is no need to drown in an ocean of content. Consider cylindr your right hand when it comes to content.

Not only do we have a splendid spectrum of subject matter experts to match your industry, but we use your tone of voice, style guides and other geeky writing methods to make sure that we do the task as if you did it yourself.

We know all of these tasks require attention to detail and a quality finish. That’s why we always use multiple editors to review content. Our native-English editors don’t only use their writing prowess to ensure all the spelling and grammar would make your English teacher proud, but their diverse cultural knowledge and experience has proven time and time again to save clients who might not know they’re offending audiences. We know you don’t want to go viral in a bad way.

So, whether you have daily, weekly or monthly SoMe needs, we can work with you to make sure it’s all delivered on time.

SoMe can make your content marketing strategy more effective

You’re not wrong to see the overlap between social media marketing and content marketing. In fact, social media is heavily involved in content marketing. And, of course, social media needs content to get a message across. But they are distinct concepts with different goals and processes.

How does SoMe and Content Marketing work together?

To clear up the confusion, let’s look at how they differ:

Content marketing: Content marketing is a tactic that enables organizations to add value for current and potential customers by creating and distributing valuable content. Content marketing includes different formats such as blog posts, videos and web pages. The focus of content marketing is getting customers to your brand’s website.

Social media marketing: SoMe marketing focuses marketing activities within social networks themselves (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) and the valuable content produced by marketers and copywriters is strategically placed inside these networks. For the best results, social media needs to be integrated into your overall content marketing strategy.

While longer formats of content marketing channels are better suited to help organizations educate and entertain their target audiences, social media channels require shorter, pithy pieces of content that tantalizes audiences to want to read more. Social media channels can help you generate interest and trust in these longer format mediums by snappily showing how your product or service can help people solve problems.

How can cylindr help me with social media?

When it comes to social media smarts, we’ve got you covered! From SoMe content creation to SoMe strategies, cylindr does it all.

Social media content creation

Do you already have plenty of content in the works, but need your SoMe presence to point to it? We can help with that!

We can create content for all your social media platforms that relate to the content that you already have or the content you want to promote. We can create posts that you, your upper level management or your brand ambassadors can send on their social media channels to broaden the reach of your content marketing.

If you’re already using our content creation services , consider using us to make your social media content too! We offer special package prices for companies who want to make sure their marketing efforts go the extra mile and align on all their channels.

SoMe strategy creation

Want to learn how to meaningfully engage your customers using social media? You need to create a social media strategy. cylindr can help!

We can help you create a SoMe strategy that ensures your brand engages more customers and elevates all your content marketing efforts. Better yet, with our experience, we can help you to create a SoMe strategy that considers all the content needed for your multiple-industry target markets.

If you don’t have a SoMe strategy, or don’t even know where to begin with creating one, we offer a social media strategy workshop.

Are you interested in our other content creation services? Check out what we offer!

Social media strategy workshops

We offer a workshop with a B2B SoMe strategy expert that will enable you to:

  • Identify and set your SoMe goals and objectives
  • Identify your SoMe ideal customers (demographics)
  • Identify which platforms work best for your goals and your audience
  • Conduct a SoMe audit to identify the types of content (images, video, stories) that best engage your audience
  • Curate long-term, power-proven content that engages your customers meaningfully while strengthening your brand
  • Identify and plan for the best times and dates to post for your target customer
  • Provide actionable advice on how to interact during different social media scenarios
  • Measure, track and optimize your strategy
  • Assess your competitors’ SoMe strengths and weaknesses

Why should I choose cylindr for SoMe assistance?

Social media is a marketing game changer. Since it stepped on the scene, cylindr has helped many companies create and implement SoMe strategies. In fact, we can integrate and align your SoMe strategy into your overall content marketing plan.

With our diverse content team’s years of experience, cylindr can help you holistically create and customize your SoMe strategy, so you can gain leads and move them down the conversion funnel.