DBB Jack-up services (ziton)

After making inroads with a thought leadership approach, it was time for offshore wind installer DBB Jack-up Services (now ZITON) to rebrand and launch a new name and brand expression. With a desire to do things differently than competitors, management wanted a bold brand that reflected their service-oriented, “can do” approach.

The company’s vision is that renewables are the preferred future source of energy, and its mission is to provide second-to-none services and turnkey solutions to the renewable energy industries.

How did we solve this challenge?

Cylindr suggested undertaking a traditional rebranding exercise based on the same principles as the thought-leadership platform we had already been operating for the company, i.e. the expertise of the people within the organisation. The idea behind this being to build a brand using the credibility of the platform while promoting the straightforward, authentic personalities and passion of the company’s crews. This involved not only building a new website but also thinking about a unique name, tag line and company characteristics. A “Can do. Will do.” storyline lent extra power to the brand and the whole process, from the initial discussion to the finished new brand, ran very smoothly.

The outcome

A new name, brand proposition and brand identity provided a memorable, influential foundation accelerating the company’s ability to sell to utilities and offshore energy operators, including Siemens and Vattenfall.

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