Shifting the perspective of your communications and taking on the role of an industry advocate can bring many benefits for your company. Offering customers valuable, objective advice on your industry can boost your credibility, website traffic, social media engagement – and give you better sales leads.

When you let your products or services take the back seat and instead share your industry knowledge and insight, you build trustworthiness and authority – and, potentially, also increase your customer base.

Taking on the role of industry advocate, perhaps by following the Voice of Industry methodology, can bring with it a range of benefits:

1. Recognition as a thought leader
By sharing your industry knowledge, you will develop a reputation as a thought leader in your domain. Customers and potential customers will see you as the company that truly understands current and future trends.

2. Reciprocity
Contributing to the industry might spur others to contribute to your organization.

3. Heightened industry awareness
You can’t talk about what’s hot and what’s not without keeping yourself up to speed with developments in your field. Staying on top of industry headlines and trends will ensure that you’re always prepared with timely, meaningful commentary – making you even more confident in networking situations.

4. Media attention
As your reputation grows, journalists might start to seek out your company’s spokesperson for industry-related quotes and insight.

5. Greater credibility
Contributing objective opinions about your industry ensures your opinions on your own organization and its products will be treated with more respect – and with less skepticism.

6. Higher profile with potential customers
Word of mouth is invaluable. The more you boost your industry profile, the more people will see you and talk about you. They’ll also be more inclined to talk to you directly about their needs – a conversation that just might turn into a sale.

7. Draw in top talent
The best employees want to work for industry leaders. Your expertise-sharing efforts will ensure your organization is seen as one of the sector’s frontrunners.

8. Better brand awareness
All this positive coverage and online presence will do wonders for your brand – and a stronger brand will put you on the radar of even more potential customers and investors.
So stop talking exclusively about yourself and your products – and start focusing on the value you have as an industry advocate! Perhaps that means some simple how-to articles or launching an industry-related blog, like The Whey & Protein Blog started by Arla Foods Ingredients.

Whatever the format, keep the information helpful, relevant and free. I can understand if it may seem a little daunting – but your customers and industry colleagues just might thank you for it.